= Apple =     – NOT – Now-a-days if you look up “Apple” you won’t get this tasty, edible fruit that for the past 4000 years has been a most nutritional source of enriched Vitamin C, fiber, potassium & healthy B-complex vitamins.  All combined this Delicious Treat is a SuperFruit said …

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Truth or Dare

  When I saw this affirmation by Kanye West the first thought that came to mind was “The Truth”.  He speaks the Truth; whether or not you believe him.  I wonder how this confidence of Kanye West’s can be harnessed and transferred to empower disadvantaged youths to help encourage them …

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The Best Shopping Day!

Hey everybody, today is NATIONAL DAY OF GIVING! – #GIVINGTUESDAY Every year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving we all get to participate in this global day dedicated to giving back. Charities, families, businesses, community centers, students YOU, me and folks around the World are coming together today for one common …

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Code Blue?

Well we now know the news many have been waiting YEARS to hear that brings some to Tears and others to CHEERS!  Yep, it’s that ultimate notice many have been anticipating, sitting on the sidelines waiting to hear – wondering, do we move forward with or without him.  Some would …

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How to Achieve Happiness

Just before Thanksgiving, I volunteered for the first time to help reach out to the homeless community in Los Angeles.  We canvassed around areas where there could be people to connect them to housing, winter shelter services, clean-care facilities and help connect veterans experiencing homelessness.  This was a most Humbling …

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Say Freedom

Welcome to your wonderful world of “Freedom to Have Your Say” Consider:  Many believe the educational system in America is a hopeless cause.  What say you?   ~ Your Opinion Matters ~

Super Heros

Hello, typically when anyone mentions a super hero, you picture a giant, muscle-clad character, clothed in some sort of cape, possessing supernatural powers and is dedicated to a moral mission to help save or protect the general public.  Certainly someone or something far different from and unattainable by the ordinary …

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