The KARIN Foundation ~Your Future Is In The Beauty of Children’s Dreams ~

The responsibility of helping develop youths in America is a dilemma we all face when we address the difficult choice of serving our personal needs or the needs of others. Many of us chose to be willfully blind to the challenges of youths of today, perhaps because we don’t have any children or we do, but don’t have time to qualitatively consider and address the concerns of what is commonly stuffed back in the recesses of our minds, conveniently marked, “The Worries of The World”.  With index-fingers in each ear, we smile and “skip-to-my-lou” from one pAssed-out teenager sleeping under the football field bleachers at 9am – On A School Day; to the next school aged guys BALLIN’ on the local park courts at 11am – On A School Day; to the next Pretty Girl, a Pretty little “Rosey”, with Big, curly, amber locks flowing down past her shoulders, make-up just barely there highlighting her soft features, dressed in a crisp white blouse & black pencil skirt – yet, no surprise, 4″ no 6” heels & artistically polished nails g-a-l-o-r-e; she sits there for hours, just outside the Jamba Juice store, unable to make-out the questions past her “Name” on a job application, chin sunk in her left-hand, pen in her right-hand nervously tapping it against her cheek. These youths are just a few of thousands of children all across this country who have or are about to have dropped out of achieving their dreams and miss out on becoming valuable, productive citizens from whom WE ALL can benefit. WHY? Because America is “F”AILING to Educate its people! Historically, Education has proven to be pivotal to reducing poverty, crime and inequality in this country. Most Americans agree that educating our youth is the Most Important Investment we can make in our Future.  Honestly, your livelihood boils down to one question: What are You willing to Contribute to Secure Your Future?

We at The KARIN Foundation are committed to helping make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities who have been shattered by the neglect of the consciousness of America.  The KARIN Foundation is the premier organization that works to identify-to-provide resources for educational, health and housing programs, with proven track records of making a meaningful impact on the lives of a significant number of children in under-resourced communities. If you care enough to do something good for yourself by doing good for someone else, The KARIN Foundation is your GO TO resource center.

Welcome to a better future for you!

Check-It-Out: Did you know that “lou” in skip-to-my-lou comes from the word “loo”, a Scottish word for “love”. (Wikipedia). So while you are out and about skipping around remember to spread your loo-love 😀

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