Got Punked?

While standing in a Gas Station with a group of grade-school children staring down a hole in the ground and listening to some young guy in a soiled tee & jeans explain the hole is where “Big, Giant Trucks” come and connect their hose and pour gas into the hole … “any questions?”

That was a school field trip for students in a low-income community. Contrast that against a trip to Europe for students from privilege!  No Joke -True-Story.

Proponents of School Field Trips are upset that budgets are being reduced to cut out field trips and they want to get schools to fund these programs again. Many argue field trips give students valuable experiences that help them relate to the information they receive in class in order to understand better, perform and thrive in school. In a World where everything costs and budgets are drastically reduced, are field trips really necessary?  If so, shouldn’t they be equal quality-wise?

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