Groovy Smoothie

Health Tips are many and irritating to follow sometimes.  But you may want to check out this cool trick to eat your fiber-healthy nuts if you are anything like many who don’t really like chewing on bark-like substances:

  • Put about 1/2-handful of toasted almonds or walnuts in your  favorite smoothie while you are making it.  It enhances the flavor of your drink, adds a hint of Nutty to it and you end up with a delicious, nutritious Treat!

Try it & let us know what you think ~

Your happiness matters ~

~ The Karin Foundation ~


  1. This is a great tip. It’s a great way of adding substance to your smoothies too. Sometimes I find I get hungry soon after drinking a smoothie, but adding the nuts to it will give you that healthy protein that will keep you full for longer and give you the energy you need.

    Will definitely do this next time I make a smoothie.

    • Hi Aleksandra! You are so right about it keeping you full too. Just the other evening I made this smoothie for dinner because I was going dancing and did not want to be too blotted and it totally kept me through the night. Thanks your insight matters 😀

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