The Best Shopping Day!


Every year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving we all get to participate in this global day dedicated to giving back. Charities, families, businesses, community centers, students YOU, me and folks around the World are coming together today for one common purpose to celebrate generosity and to give! give! give! (from

Really? Today? post ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, the World is looking to us to celebrate generosity and donate to charity? Hummm – Considering this day is highly likely, ‘Empty-Pockets Day’ for many Traditionalists who partake in the adrenaline rush of the life-threatening, MADDENING race to Survive the immediately preceding Monday and Friday, respectively – – may I make a little suggestion? Typically today would be a day of giving your treasure (and maybe even your time or talent). But consider sharing something you can do blindfolded that won’t cost you $ONE-RED-CENT:

Post a comment sharing your Idea to help eradicate poverty –


Your Idea Matters



  1. This is the first time I have been in US during Thanksgiving / Black Friday; I must say it was the most surreal experience of my life – I have never witnessed such HUNGER for shopping…maybe tax for every sale spent that day should be given for charity.

  2. Brilliant Idea Kaltrina! We need more smart, out of the box thinkers like you. Hope your Thanksgiving was good 😀

  3. I this a wonderful idea and the timing of it is perfect. between Black friday and cyber monday we get so caught up in ourselves and want we don’t have when there are so many people out there that can’t even buy food. We get so wrapped up in our lives, that it’s important to take the time and help others before yourself.

    I think we need to have more days of giving, one day doesn’t seem enough. We should be more thoughtful of others on a daily basis than only thinking of ourselves. Maybe this would be a good start to resolving poverty in the world.

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