How to Achieve Happiness

Just before Thanksgiving, I volunteered for the first time to help reach out to the homeless community in Los Angeles.  We canvassed around areas where there could be people to connect them to housing, winter shelter services, clean-care facilities and help connect veterans experiencing homelessness.  This was a most Humbling experience for me!  Talk about you don’t see what you see; at one point we walked by an overpass and the more trained volunteers said that we needed to be sure and backtrack to that area where there were some folks.  I looked and saw absolutely nothing there but shrubs.  When we did walk up into the area I could not believe my eyes.  It was like I had just stepped out of LA and into a futuristic city of people after the apocalypse!   There were veterans and families and young people, all living behind the see-through walls; many of us look but pass by every day as if we are at the zoo.  Please don’t turn your heads.  Contact a hospital, your local representative, or a local organization that provides services for the homeless to find out how you can help.  After all, this could be you. 


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